<"tml> Personal Archive there was never a script for any bfm episodes only storyboards other than in the first episode.

BFM characters

BFM1 Script/storyboard

BFM characters/BFM1 storyboard p1

BFM1 storyboard p2

BFM1 storyboard p3

BFM1 storyboard p4

BFM1 script p1

BFM1 script p2

BFM1 script p3

BFM2 Storyboard

BFM1 script p4/BFM2 storyboard p1

BFM2 storyboard p2

BFM2 storyboard p3

BFM2 storyboard p4

BFM2 storyboard p5

BFM2 storyboard p6

BFM3 Storyboard

BFM3 storyboard p1

BFM3 storyboard p2

BFM3 storyboard p3

BFM3 storyboard p4

BFM3 storyboard p5

BFM3 storyboard p6

BFMM characters

character concepts1

character concepts2

character concepts3

character concepts4

BFMM 1 storyboard

BFMM1 Storyboard p1

BFMM1 Storyboard p2

BFMM1 Storyboard p3

BFMM1 Storyboard p4

O.O. Stuff

character ideas back

character ideas front

the characters where thought up on this paper. for some reason i drew flour and poudered suger which made me inevitably mix the two up.

storyboard test

the original cast was (teaspoon; measuring cup, wood spoon, flour, butter, spoon, salt spatula, burger, dumplings.) pretty sure flour and butter where gonna be friends.

other storyboard test

another storyboard i made.

Random CH drawing

the chef hat drawing was in the same notebook as the bfm and bfmm stuff.

TBOS post epidose 1 pre episode 2 character designs

uhhhh i cant add this right now lol uh yea. ill add it later lmao